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SL Columns: Work, Or Passion?

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Work, or Passion?

     After one of my first solo road rides, I complained to a motorcycle-riding coworker that I thought I was supposed to lose myself and feel free of worldly concerns when I ride. “I don’t see how,” I bemoaned. “I think about my clutching (shifting gears). I concentrate on everything in front and around me. I make sure I’m positioned to stop when needed. I balance, analyze the road surface, and worry about animals across the road. I feel everything but free.” My coworker smiled and asked, “Do you thing about work?” “No.” “Do you think about family problems?” “No.” “Do you think about anything else other than maintaining a safe ride?” “No.” “So there!” he exclaimed. “Your mind is free of everything except the ride. You ARE free.”

     I began to see that when I focus on something I love doing, the difficult details are in themselves, part of what I love. I find joy in what, when taken separately and out of context of my passion, could be misery.

     How do you approach the aspects of your work and profession that are difficult details? Are you passionate about what you do and find joy in the challenges? Or do you find the details tedious and feel discouraged with them? Does your work feel like work, or do you wonder at getting paid for doing what you do?

     Consider your attitude towards the way you spend a significant percentage of your life. If is makes you miserable, you need to seriously examine your career choice. If you look forward to most days, then welcome to the ride!

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