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SL Column: Tell Me More

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Tell Me More

     Four out of five day trips I take with my motorcycle group involve at least one U-turn along the way. Some of the ladies in the group have high-tech GPS devices on their motorcycles. Some of us have map pages folded to display the route while taped to the gas tank for rider visibility. Others just go by intuition. In spite of our best efforts, we end up asking for directions at some point and still need to lead the group through a U-turn maneuver. Somewhere in our directions we fail to get an important little detail to keep us from missing a milestone along the route.

     What little details do you miss throughout your planning when gathering information is crucial to making important decisions? Do you admonish yourself with, “If I had only known that additional piece of information, I would have …”? Next time you need to dig deeper to get more detail, try using some of the following questions and statements.

  • “Tell me more.”
  • “Help me understand.”
  • “Why do you say that?”
  • “Tell me how that relates to [topic]?”
  • “What would you really want?”
  • “And what does that means to you?”

     Dig deeper using these questions and statements. You will get information you did no know you needed to know. The more information you receive, the more informed (better) will be your decisions as a result.

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