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SL Column: Teamwork (Strongest Link)

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Spokes Person

     Some of the most esthetically beautiful wheels on motorcycles and cars are spoked wheels. They are also a challenge to maintain in good condition and keep clean. Spokes add strength to wheels. The more spokes in a wheel, the stronger the wheel.

     Seldom do we perform our jobs in a vacuum. We are usually spokes in a wheel of some sort in our profession. The wheel may be our employer, client, work team, business, event, Board of Directors, or volunteer group. Whatever the group, individuals (who contribute) add strength to the unit.

     Be a trued – well-aligned – spoke in the wheel by actively contributing to your group’s goals.

  • Take responsibility for your tasks and for helping the team meet its objectives.
  • Speak up when you have ideas or concerns.
  • Offer solutions to issues and volunteer to take on additional tasks if you can handle them.
  • Admit when you need help and give assistance when yours is needed.
  • Seek to communicate constantly to keep the rest of the group informed.

     Set an example by being a strong spoke in the wheel and the rest of the spokes – your team members – will have a high standard with which to align themselves.

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