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SL Column: Feed Your Mind

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Ready for the Unexpected

     Helmets protect heads. Regardless of a motorcyclist’s politics concerning helmet laws and a government’s right to legislate when to wear a helmet, the medical fact is that a well-constructed helmet protects skulls. When a motorcycle accidently stops for whatever reason and the body continues moving, a helmeted head is less likely to suffer severe damage or cause death than an unprotected head.

     You can protect your brain from figurative damage by continually learning and exploring new ideas. The more open and active your mind, the more prepared you are for the unexpected.

  • Keep up-to-date in your profession by reading and associating with other professionals in your field. When the time comes to suggest a new way of doing things, you are on the forefront of making it happen.
  • Attend classes, workshops, seminars, and other learning opportunities. Education comes from more sources than college degrees. Even when you take a class that is similar to one you took year ago, you discover something new or are more open to an idea you previously missed. You are in a different place in your life now than you were then, and you have a different perspective from which to view the world.
  • Listen to audio programs that are both professional and personal development programs.
  • Read trade publications and spend time on the Internet exploring something in more detail.
  • Debate. Take an opposing view of an issue – regardless of what you really believe or feel – and debate from that point of view.
  • Keep a journal.
  • Visit the library.

     Feed your mind for life and you give yourself added protection to handle what life feeds you.

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