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SL: Presence to Your Presence

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Add Presence to Your Presence


     When you walk into a room, do you have presence? Being present is simply taking up space in a room by being there. When you leave you make little impression on those who remain. Having a presence is exuding attitude; it is a state of being. When you leave people actually feel a loss. Having a presence is to appear significant in some way.

     How do you have a presence that impresses and that people remember with respect and admiration after you leave?

  • Use good posture when you stand and walk. Good posture exudes confidence.
  • Walk with purpose. Avoid hesitating and walking with tentative steps. Take deliberate strides and walk as if you must get from one place to another because you have things to do.
  • Look people in the eyes. Look around and scan a room with a confident attitude. Lock on to one person’s eyes for a few seconds, then lock on to another’s eyes. Each feels you communicate an unspoken message to each one individually.
  • Be deliberate; not rushed, hurried, or harried. Even if you are in a hurry, keep from looking like you are.
  • Be friendly and approachable. Attitude without approachability is aloofness.

     Add presence to your presence, and be remembered for being there.


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