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SL Column: Positive Words

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Positive Words

     Why is it that you can say the same thing as your colleague, yet your colleague gets a positive response and you receive a less-positive one? It could be that the words you use reflect a less-than-positive expectation or outcome. Incorporate positive words into your messages when you communicate.

     What are positive words? They are words that “feel” good, reflect a can-do expectation, and imply a belief that it is possible to achieve what is to be achieved. Examples of positive words include: can instead of cannot; do instead of do not; when will you instead of would you; we expect instead of we would like.

     Use positive words in your letters, proposals, contracts, e-mail, and when you speak. They plant subliminal messages to the reader or listener that “no” is unacceptable and that you expect results. Positively!

Bonus gift: Here is a list of positive words you can use in your communications.

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