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SL Column: No Interruptions

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No Interruptions


     Oh, to have a day where we have no interruptions! Imagine how much we can get done. A day when we finish the outstanding tasks we planned to finish weeks ago. A day to focus on writing or planning lessons. A day to clean out the closet we’ve been meaning to get to, or file away that stack of paper growing on the side table. A day to complete the sales paperwork and update the address book. A day to mend clothes accumulating on the sewing table and fix the two lamps collecting dust on the workbench.

     We can read through the last three months’ magazines we’ve not been able to get to. We can weed-out the expired coupons and finally pull all the items we want to donate to the next charitable pick-up. The fizz-free soda in the back of the refrigerator and the expired medicines in the bathroom cabinet need to be attended to. Add the 25 business cards you have in a rubber band to your contacts database and review your reminders for the notes you need to send to clients in the next few months.

     If only we had a day with no interruptions. We could…we could…wait! There is such a day. There is an official “No Interruptions Day” in the year—the last business day of December. (1)

     We can even spend the day looking ahead for the new year, laying plans. Being proactive with what will be accomplished rather than cleaning up and catching up on what we meant to do.

     Wow! Now we have an official day for shutting-out interruptions and focusing solely on “our day”. We have an excuse—a real reason—to tell everyone, “Not today”. “Don’t call, visit, open the door, or otherwise interrupt me. I’m honoring ‘No Interruptions Day’ big time.”

     And perhaps you should, too. Accomplish much. Clear out your minds and your spaces for the new year.

(1) “No Interruptions Day”. The last business day of December, every year. See: Chase’s Calendar of Events. Contact: Springboard Training. PO Box 588, Olney, MD 20830-0588.

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