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SL Column: Just Ask!

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Never Know Until You Ask

     My 90-year-old mother just started physical therapy to build strength in her legs. She is attempting to rid herself of the cane with which she now walks. Just before we left the doctor’s office I returned to the physical therapy area and asked about alternatives to the recumbent bicycle the doctor recommended. At 90 years of age my mother could use equipment either for the next ten years (I come from solid stock!) or only the next month. One never knows.

     After I asked about alternatives to the expense and space such equipment requires, one of the Physical Therapists momentarily disappeared. He returned with a small contraption with pedals. He noted that it had been in the storage closet for months waiting to be discarded. He preferred giving it to someone who would use it over simply trashing it, but no one had asked before now. And there I was…asking.

     As Mom and I exited through the waiting room, more than one person inquired about the contraption in hand. They exclaimed how useful such a device could be to them. Until they saw me with it they would never have thought to ask for something like it.

  • What have you missed out on by not asking?
  • What’s the worse that can happen if you do? Hear “no”?

     You never know until you ask. More often than not, I hear “yes”. It’s not luck. Assert yourself. And just ask!

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