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     Perusing bookstore shelves is a favorite pastime of mine when it is too cold to ride my motorcycle. Upon finding an entire section of books consisting of journals and lists, I wondered whether the publishers (can we really say writers when pages are primarily blank?) had encountered my Mother. She is the Queen of Lists and I have inherited the habit.

     Lists are powerful tools requiring minimal financial investment (unless you buy the hardback journals I saw). Lists help you organize your life, business, office, schedule, and – yes – your love life. I imagine you make hundreds of lists in your profession, what with the intricacies of your planning processes. Lists help you keep things in perspective such as:

  • Pros and cons of situations, to aid in making decisions.
  • Documenting required purchases to eliminate overspending and keep within budgets.
  • Objectives and learning points for education sessions to ensure learners accomplish what they need to within allotted timeframes.
  • Tasks to accomplish before the end of the week.

     Keep a small notepad with you at all times to jot lists when they come to you – sometimes at the most inane times of the day. After all, you need to do something with all those leftover promotional notepads and pens from your last event!

Bonus gift: List-making resource for list lovers.

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