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SL Column: Leader of One

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Leader of One

     On the highways and back roads you see both groups of motorcycle riders (two or more) and solo riders. In groups someone is always the leader – the first rider – in front. Solos are their own leaders – the front, middle, and rear rider all-in-one.

     You are seldom alone as you plan and work your events. Rarely do you operate in a vacuum. Whether you are an independent planner or a part of an organization, you are a leader by nature of your profession. You take initiative, plan, instruct others, make things happen, and follow up. These are the basics of your responsibilities as planners and suppliers. At minimum, you are a leader of one…yourself.

     Some ways to be a more effective leader of one include:

  • Set goals for yourself and create the action plan – the interim steps you must take – to achieve your goals within a set timeframe.
  • Write affirmations that are visions of what “success” looks, feels, sounds, tastes, and smells like to you. Say your affirmations out loud to yourself every day.
  • Create a system that helps you organize – and keep organized – your time, communications, files, and resources all together. Implement your organization scheme and share it with others so that you discipline yourself to stick with it.
  • Take time for yourself away from your regular demands. Stop what you’re doing and walk away from it – for a few minutes, hours, or days if you’re lucky.
  • Remember your priorities, and business should not be number one in your life. Even as an independent. Something or someone else should be most important to you in life.

     When you steer yourself to your destination, you are a leader of one.

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