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SL Column: Cell-F Evaluation

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Cell-F Evaluation

     Cell-f evaluate cell f-ones (phones)! Can’t live without them; a hassle to live with them. Practice mobile phone etiquette to better live with them, with less hassle to others.

  • Keep your phone from ringing in public places. If your mobile unit has a vibrate setting, use the setting when you are in enclosed public places (restaurants, movies, bank lines). Attach the phone to your clothing so that you feel the vibration. (No lewd thoughts here…this is a G-rated publication.) Watching a cell phone vibrate its way across the table in a meeting is as distracting as – though much funnier than – hearing the ring tone.
  • Turn your microphone volume up so you do not need to yell into the phone. Talking loudly is useless if reception is weak. If someone cannot hear you when you speak in your normal speaking voice – or lower – the problem is usually their device. Keep your voice at low volume.
  • When you are with a live human being, be fully there for the live person with you. Interrupt interpersonal interactions only for severe emergencies.

     Ever notice how other people’s cell phones are annoying and never your own?
Evaluate how you use your phone and realize that you are the other person to other people.

Bonus gift: Explore cell phone etiquette tips.

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